"The Job"

The Job is some new reality show and it's fucking insulting. You don't get to do a first job in real life, most of the time you barely make it past the application stage. Trying to get a job in the United States is not some stupid game show it's a real freaking problem! My parents wanted me to watch it when I'm in the middle of constructive things like finishing work I did for money and trying to stay on a lead to job myself. I'm sorry I can't. Watching a television show, especially some reality show is not going to help me.

On the "Benghazi" Hearings Today

You know, I don't care what anyone thinks of Hillary Clinton, Obama, Romney whatever but the common sense in me says that the real people that should be blamed for the attacks are the people that actually did the killing. The perps are over in Libya not here in the United States, and nobody died for your goddamn political movement.

Google Chrome

Just figured out using the extensions tool in Google Chrome, deleting stupid crap just reduced about 90% of it's CPU usage.

L O freaking L

Strawberry Meme Because Why Not

Taken from Mountain-Hiker

What’s your favorite way to eat strawberries?

Plain (ditto)

What’s your favorite strawberry-flavored food or beverage?
Strawberry Milkshake :D

What object in your line of sight is strawberry-colored?
Some color on my tapestry next to my desk (yes, tapestry, got it at an antique store long time ago <3)

What geographic location near you could be much cooler if its name were modified to contain the word strawberry, and what would this new name be?
Home of the Orlando Magic: The Strawberry Arena, instead of the Amway Arena, because Amway is a pretty embarassing company to name your sport's center after IMO.

Here are 500 Wikipedia articles with the world strawberry in their titles. What’s something interesting you learned from one of them?
Strawberry Alarmclock has a ton, a TON, of band members in it.

And here's their music, for your pleasure:


Ubantu and Wine

Hey Carlos do you know anything about the Linux program Wine? I am having a fusting time getting it to work, adding the WineHQ PPA Repository doesn't appear to go through and neither the 1.5 or .1.4 versions install. (One of the errors reads "Package 'wine1.4' is virtual."

I'm using Ubuntu 10.4 and need the program if I want to run Daz 3d. (#$^% can't realse a 3d posing program for Linux?)

Dear Illustrator

Thank you Adobe Illustrator for insisting on giving me black layer colors/highlight lines when I'm trying to color black line art, it's not like I actually need to be seeing where putting all those anchor points you know... T_T;

Picky Eating Adults

This is something I never understood myself because as someone who likes to cook I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food, with a few exceptions you might have seen on (Maggot cheese? Really?) I figure that if it appeals to someone out there there much be something in it to enjoy.

With that said, I've seen a fair bit of picky eaters out there, and I'm not talking about children who's three food groups is mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, and McDonalds... I'm talking adults that spend their entire lives with the mentality of "eww, I just can't eat that..."

And most of these were in a relationship with my little brother, up to including his wife. The baby they recently had is allergic to whey, so understandably they are very careful about what she eats to make sure it doesn't have butter or other dairy products in it. But with that out of the way, we have to get past "the list" when we eat out. That's right, when you take out food items with whey in it - which is a great deal of foods out there - there is a ton of things she doesn't like. She doesn't like fish at all, so all seafood is a no-go, she doesn't like any meat that has bones in it, she doesn't like olive oil (and, strangely enough, she would eat hummus), she doesn't like most vegetables, any fruit shouldn't have any watermelon or other melons because she doesn't like those, she doesn't like corn, she doesn't like pork, basically... we kind of narrowed it down to grilled chicken.

You know, sometimes I wonder if this is a first-world thing. You know, like, we Americans especially live in a time and place where we can eat damn near anything we wanted. (During the middle ages, black pepper was considered a luxury, that is hard to fathom right there! In face many spices are part of our lives now because of trade with India, thank you India!) We don't have to rely on growing or raising our own meals... and that I think is part of the problem here. People don't like bones in their meat because it reminds them they're eating an animal of somekind. We've gotten to a point where we can pretend our meat isn't meat at all, that "chicken" wasn't once a living, breathing bird with feathers and a beak that lived a short chicken life before turning into that boneless chicken-stuff we eat almost daily.

A little food for thought I guess, I'm totally ok with protecting the baby from the food allergy of course... but... I was kind of hoping she'd open up a little and try different things given the limit it posed. Oh well, it's none of my business anyways. This doesn't include vegetarianism either because I absolutely understand where they're coming from and even enjoy some of their foods, I've known vegans that have a wider variety of food they'd eat then her lol.