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"The Job"
The Job is some new reality show and it's fucking insulting. You don't get to do a first job in real life, most of the time you barely make it past the application stage. Trying to get a job in the United States is not some stupid game show it's a real freaking problem! My parents wanted me to watch it when I'm in the middle of constructive things like finishing work I did for money and trying to stay on a lead to job myself. I'm sorry I can't. Watching a television show, especially some reality show is not going to help me.

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Such is the reality of life in America these days.

How can anyone think that watching some staged low-line program on telly is going to help anyone who's looking into getting a real job? TV is not reality, especially not these days where it's flooded with some really repulsive shows. What job are you looking into?

Well... first of all I'll take any grunt work out there, but I'm going to school for game design and the one thing I do very well is graphic arts so...

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It is vitally important for the system that people continue to believe the illusion that their destiny is totally within their power. It is the only way to stop them getting pissed off and revolting.

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Maybe if the show was legitimately showing people how to land a job and being realistic about it, it might be useful to watch. But this show sounds like more reality bullcrap...

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